Weco union

Hammer Union Applications

There are a variety of oilfield and industrial applications for Unions. Our Weco-style unions are commonly used on hoses and pipes for easy connection and reconnection on work over rigs and drilling rigs and also other industrial uses. They are connected either by threading on to N.P.T. threads or by welding directly to pipe.



Viton seal rings, Viton O-rings, sour gas H2S service unions and low temp or special applications hammerunions can be supplied by request in many of the above styles and sizes.


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seal rings
Hammer Unions are high-pressure threaded or welded connections with two halves a threaded female half and a wing male half with swivel nut that fit together and seal upon turning and then hammering the nut half together with the threaded half. Weco-style hammer unions come in sizes from 1" up to 10" and in pressures from 1,000 psi up to 15,000 psi. These type of unions are commonly used in oilfield and industrial applications to seal two pieces of pipe or hose together by making a connection via threads or welds.

We offer a full line of union swivel connections to fit a variety of applications. Unions come in N.P.T. threaded-style and welded-style and are made of heavy duty steel in sch 40 sch 80 & xxh for tough and long lasting use. Hammer unions can also be treated for use with sour gas H2S service upon request.

Hammer unions are color coded to specific pressure ratings for example a figure 1502 is red and blue nut and is rated for 15,000 psi where as a figure 100 is yellow with black nut and rated for 1,000 psi. Please see below chart for complete pressure rating and color codes for each high presure hammer union availible.

Hammer Union Reference Chart

hammer union chart

If you are not certain which hammer unions will fit your application of use, please contact our sales team and we will help you select the proper hammer union swivel. sales@unionswivel.com

Mud tank and Air-o-seal Unions
We offer other type of unions as well as hammer-style such as Air-o-seal, mud tank, frac unions and blind unions to fit each figure number.

Material unions are manufactured from steel forgings using materials in sch 40 sch 80, sch 160 and XXH types.

End Connection unions are available in a wide variety. API line pipe threads are standard. Buttweld ends can be provided. Customer to specify schedule of pipe when ordering.

Low Temperature Service
unions can be supplied for low temperature applications with suitable impact value testing.

All union components of the same size and figure number are Weco interchangeable. All union nuts have 3 hammer lugs.

unions are supplied with full traceability documentation for each component MTR certs and/or certificate of origin upon request.