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We specialize in hammer unions and other connections for oilfield and industrial applications as well as flow line loops, swivels and pup joints.

rig joint

Swivel Joints

Available in sizes ranging from 3/4" to3" with up to 15,000 psi non-shock cold working pressure.

swivel joints offer the following features:

  • Minimum flow and minimum flow restriction.

  • very Heavy steel hex head style ball loading plugs.

  • Grease retaining rings

  • packing units standard temperature (Operating temperature to 450° ).

  • packing units high temperature(Operating temperature to 450° )

    high quality hardened ball races ensure even surface hardness & depth for long lasting qaulity under severe thrusts and radial loadings. All our Standard swivel joints are provided with API line pipe threads and/or Weco style hammer unions
    Other end connections are available on request. Available for standard and H2S sour service. All sizes are available in the 8 diffrent styles for 360° rotation in single or multiple planes of use.

Available with integral or welded union end connections from 10,000 to 15,000 psi NSCWP for standard and sour service.

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Swivel hose loops & Chiksan-style steel hoses

High pressure cementing & circulating hose loops have swivel joints of forged steel with high quality hardened balls and high pressure packing units.

Chiksan-style swivels

* 15,000 psi swivel styles include hammer union ends.

The following images show our 6,000 psi swivel styles:

Best Swivel Joint Style 10
Swivel Style 10
Best Swivel Joint Style 20
Swivel Style 20

Best Swivel Joint Style 30
Swivel Style 30
Best Swivel Joint Style 40
Swivel Style 40

Best Swivel Joint Style 50
Swivel Style 50
Best Swivel Joint Style 60
Swivel Style 60

Best Swivel Joint Style 70
Swivel Style 70
Best Swivel Joint Style 80
Swivel Style 80

swivel size chart

If you cannot find a swivel on the market that meets you specific requirments, we can fabricate one for you. Click here more more information on our custom swivels.

Chiksan swivel