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Union Swivel stocks a complete line of flow line unions, swivels and Chiksan-style hose loops API flanges, ring joint gaskets and other related oilfield products, style 50 and style 10- 20,000 psi hose loops, Chiksan-style swivels and steel pipe and tubes.

We also offer Weco-style compatible unions as listed shown below in figure 1502, 602 and fig 100. All other fig numbers also available in stock and ready for immediate shipment to your location NATION WIDE OR WORLDWIDE.

Call or email today sales@unionswivel.com for our competitive prices on oilfield connections and adapters. Click the links on the left-side menu to view specifications and additional information about our flow line products.

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integral fittings
Oilfield and Industrial Connections.

Hammer unions, mud tank and frac union connections figure 100 (1000 psi) up to figure 1502 ( 15,000 psi) in both threaded and buttwelded-style. Made in XXH and SCH 160 steel for the demanding oilfield and industrial market. All unions are Weco equivalent and 100% compatible.

Swivel joints, Chiksan-style pup joints and hose loops, crossovers, tees and 90 ELL fittings IN STOCK! Also, we offer custom flow line products and a large supply of standard and sour gas service.

API flanges in stock: API 2-1/16" 5,000 psi 10,000 psi and 3-1/8" and 3-1/16" 10k & 4-1/6 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi flanges also special sizes such as 5" and 6" flanges. We also are a complete source for low 150 lb raised-face and flat-face threaded and slip-on flanges.

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