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Swivel Repaire Kit

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We stock full line of repair kits - major and minor repair kits available. Contact us today


Repair kits for Swivel joints

and Chiksan-style hose loops, adapters, crossovers, tees and 90° ELL union fittings & union hammers in stock and ready for delivery.
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Chicksan & FMC repair kits for swivels in both standard and sour gas service, compatible with Weco, FMC and chicksan style swivel repair kits. We stock all major repair kits for swivles and offer fast quote, delivery and dedicated service.

FMC repair swivel repair kit to fit Weco swivels

We offer a complete stock of swivel joint repair kits that match chicksan and FMC swivel joints, unions and pup joints. Please give us a call or email with any questions.


FMC 2" FIG 1502 CWP 10,000 PSI
SOUR GAS 618286

Chiksan Swivel Joint repair Kit
Size : 2"
Part # 3139666
Make : Chiksan

Full replacement parts kit for 2" Chiksan joint
Chiksan part # 3139666

2� tri race swivel. Sour gas.

2" fig 1502 segment ring,RETAINMENT RING,2" FIG 1502 NUT, seal, oring