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Test Caps

blind test cap and solid hammer union plugs

available in stock both plugs and caps











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We offer Test cap solid blinds for hammer unions and flanges they are solid caps that are used as a plug and either ported out to the desired thread size or can be solid for blanking off during high pressure hydrostatic test of for just plugging off during transport. UNION SWIVEL offers weco style and 100% compatable styles as well. in fig 100, 200 , 206, 1002, 602, 1502, 2202 hammer union figure numbers each is availible in a plugs and caps.

Test cap Blinds are often tapped or ported and bored with npt threads or 9/16" autoclave type M style threads high pressure/ medium pressure style test stand threads. We offer ported, tapped and bored threads such as 1/4" npt 1/2" npt up to 1-1/2" threads or with the 9/16" high pressure threads in female.

Size Simply specify the configuration you need and can make it for you as well. with fast delivery and shipping or pick up options in Houston TX USA

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Test caps come in Male and Female and threaded and WING nut side. either side can be tapped /ported with the thead size you need or are availible in commoin thread sizes for plugging off a line or pump.



Flange plug and caps are also availible in 2-1/16" 3-1/16" 4-1/16" 5k 10k and 15k pressure ratings. 5,000 psi , 10,000 psi , 15,000 psi

as well as 2-1/8", 3-1/8" and 4-1/8" 5k , 5,000 psi. these are commonly used in hydro test in the oilfield and industrial process.


Union Swivel & Flange offers Integral Hammer Union Blanking caps and Blank plugs they are often used for environmental caps for transporting flowline or as pressure testing system bull plugs for containing pressure during hydro test. Hammer Union Blanks are drilled through tapped to order for NPT gage port or Autoclave style fittings, or supplied with bolted on galvanized chain for keeping the cap to the mating union outlet close by. We supply each Hammer Union Male Bull or Gage plug with a the spiral retaining ring this allows the Blank and Wing Nut assembly to be kept as a single unit, avoiding the posibility for mismatch of union to a diffrent figure numbers.

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